Light Supper Ideas

Many people have found that they feel much better when they do not eat a heavy meal in the evening. In fact, there are many countries that traditionally have their largest meal in the middle of the day and keep the evening meal fairly light. This is certainly a healthy way to eat and it will also contribute to helping with maintaining proper weight.

When looking for light supper ideas, there are many great recipe websites and even magazines designed with the sole purpose of offering light meals in a hurry. One popular option for a light supper is fish, not only is it light and satisfying, but it is also very healthy. In fact, many doctors and nutritionists recommend that people eat fish at least two to three times per week.

Some people are under the misconception that fish is difficult to prepare or that it is too time consuming. Fish can be cooked in ten to fifteen minutes depending on the type and size of the fillet. There are also many delicious fish varieties that work well for grilling. Even on a busy weeknight, putting a succulent piece of fish on the grill and adding a tossed salad can make a fun and easy light supper.

There are certainly many other menu options when looking for light supper ideas and keeping the right ingredients on hand will help to ensure that dinner is ready in a matter of minutes. Many people like to keep individually frozen chicken breasts in the freezer. The nice thing with these chicken breasts is that it is easy to take one or two out of the freezer and put then in the microwave for a couple of minutes; the partially thawed breast meat can then be easily sliced thin and used in a variety of stir fries. While the chicken is defrosting in the microwave, it is a simple matter to prepare some vegetables to add to the stir fry; broccoli, peas, snow pea pods, asparagus or just about any other type of vegetable can be used for a healthy and light dinner.

For those who are vegetarians or who prefer a light supper without meat, mixed salad greens with a few sunflower seeds or walnut halves, chick peas and almost any combination of vegetables will make a satisfying light meal. In fact, salads do not have to be made from lettuce, tabouli is a delicious salad based on chopped parsley, bulgur wheat, tomato, olive oil, lemon juice and sometimes garlic. This can be served with fresh fruit for a tasty and light menu idea.

Eating light is not difficult with a little preplanning and the right ingredients on hand. Most people quickly find that they enjoy keeping their evening meal on the lighter side and the menu options are so varied that there is never any reason to be bored. Keeping the evening meal light not only keeps one’s weight in check, but also helps the body to sleep better because it is not working on digesting a heavy meal.

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